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Elementary Physical Education
Steve Vanoer, Supervisor

"Physical Education Programs in the Hillsborough County School District are child centered.  This approach fosters the sequential progression of motor, cognitive, emotional and social development.  Children mature at various rates; therefore, programs are flexible and designed to accommodate individual differences.  Planned programs and instructional strategies are used to provide success-oriented experiences.  Learners are challenged with stimulating, open-ended tasks to gain confidence in attempting new learning experiences through educational games, sports, dance, gymnastics and fitness activities.  Academic learning time in physical education dictates that each child has adequate time on task, equipment, and space to insure maximum practice opportunities.

Hillsborough County schools are part of a culturally diverse community. Participation in physical education programs enhances multi-cultural and international understanding. School involvement supporting community programs and the sharing of facilities, which support physical education instruction, are encouraged. Students are made aware of the community resources available for the pursuit of life-long wellness.

The combination of quality planning, instruction and experiences culminates with students attaining our District's vision, in that; students become physically educated persons as defined by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education.  Professionally prepared teachers integrate the NASPE Standards and Sunshine State Standards for Physical Education to create dynamic programs for all students." -- Steve Vanoer, Physical Education Supervisor

Last Modified: May 15, 2014