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Physical Education Instructional Materials
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Get Fit- A unit that integrates Heath Education, Physical Education and Reading
Submitted by
Eric Barber M.S., B.S.

Lesson1 (Powerpoint file)
Lesson2 (Powerpoint file)
Lesson3 (Powerpoint file)
Lesson4 (Powerpoint file)
Lesson5 (Powerpoint file)

Jump Rope for Heart Lessons
submitted by
Amanda Fulmer
Lutz Elementary

Reading and Physical Education Lessons Integration Lessons
submitted by
Jill Brown Physical Education Specialist NBCT
Deer Park Elementary

Information Provided by the American Heart Association
Physical Eucation Bookmarks and Bingo Games
submitted by
Ken Andrews
Trapnell Elementary

Sports Bingo Files

States Bingo Files
Traffic Signs Bingo

Last Modified: Aug 09, 2009